SUN TREE studio - is a small, slow paced label founded in 2014 by a maker Nata Pestune. Main focus of the studio is to create simple and beautiful tableware for everyday use or special occasions out of natural materials, such as clay and porcelain. Every piece you see here was created by hand, slowly, step by step, with a great attention to details. 


Nata, creator and maker behind the SUN TREE studio, was born and raised in Latvia, a country on the coast of the Baltic Sea. After studying and travelling in China and UK, she settled in Hamburg, where the ST studio was founded. 


SUN TREE studio took its name from a Latvian folklore figure - tree of life, Saules koks (in latvian), which is also found the logo of the label. 


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Keramik aus Hamburg von SUNTREE studio, Kurse an der Topferscheibe